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Interview with my MUA teacher (Part 3)

With all the recent changes and excitement in my life I had somewhat neglected my blog recently even though I had a lot of material to write about.  One of them was the completion of my interview with Kiera Louise Harrison, my inspirational makeup teacher. You can read Interview with my MUA teacher (Part 1) and Interview with my MUA teacher (Part 2) here.


It took me a while to transcribe the interview from my recorder but the worst part was that halfway through typing it up on WordPress initially I accidentally found out that this platform will not allow posts to be over a certain word length! Which is why I had to cut up the interview in 3 parts. But here it is finally ladies and gents: Part 3 of the interview. I hope you enjoy it. I know I had fun doing it!

Q: What makeup look do you like the most?                                                                            A: That’s a great question and what a difficult that one is! I think if it’s a signature look that I’m gonna wear myself as well, I am so obsessed with skin. I think that getting the skin right is the most important thing.  I love a glowing, dewy skin, showing health and radiance. I like makeup to be flawless, buffed lovely and well-blended. Personally, I love warm tones, like your rich chestnut browns, bronzy colours; really wearable and beautiful looks.

Q: What makeup trends do you dislike?
A: There isn’t a makeup trend I don’t like. The only thing I don’t like in makeup is when the fine details aren’t articulated. For example, if the blending is sloppy or not choosing the right colour for the client’s skin tone. Especially if you are working with darker skins, you can make them look great or you can take that radiance away from them. Makeup should be used to enhance your features and make you feel amazing not leave you washed out or looking a little bit dead!

Q: Which are your favourite products?
A: I love MAC Fix+ Spray, BECCA skin perfecting illuminators and I love MAC Face + Body Foundation.

Q: What are the new trends to look out for in makeup?
A: That’s a great question. I suppose at the minute in the catwalks it’s all about using one product on different areas of the face. For example, using lipstick as eyeshadow. It was all about texture. So, making sure that brows have texture and seeing the hairs on the brow for example. They also had quite colourful lashes, like blue mascaras, a pop of colour on quite minimalistic skin.

Q: Who is your makeup idol?
A: I’ve got a few. One of them is an Australian lady who now lives in London. She’s called Val Garlant. When I was working on Fashion Week she was my key artist and wow! did she inspired me! She’s really cool.

Another one is Pat McGrath – her work is absolutely insane if you’re really interested in photographic stuff. She again is such a massive name at all fashion weeks globally, not just London. She’s also got her own makeup products that have launched now.

I suppose looking at Instagram makeup artists you’ve got Mario who is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. I’m also quite a fan of Adam Burrell’s work who is artist to a number of celebs such as Little Mix and James Molloy as well.

Q: And finally, my last question – What would you advise people who are thinking of becoming professionals in makeup artistry?
A: First and foremost, I think the biggest advice I can give to anybody who wants to become a makeup artist is to invest in yourself. Invest in your training. Although initially It can be quite daunting thinking about the outlay you’re paying but obviously from working in a government funded college and then having quite a lot of experience and seeing that contrast there’s just no comparison with it. It is worth finding people whose work you are inspired by and perhaps seeing if they have an academy, if they offer one-to-one training and train with them if possible. There’s no better investment than in yourself.

The second piece of advice is, you need to work on your portfolio. Whether that’s digital but I always think it’s good to have an actual handmade book as well to take with you and showcase your work if you’re introducing yourself, knocking on those doors. It shows that you’ve taken that time to prepare, it will make you move higher up in their estimations.

I think a big thing as well, and I can definitely speak from experience, is that you have to be resilient. There will be times when you’ll get knock-backs, you’ll be told “no”, you’ll be told “you’re not good enough” and it can upset you. Don’t let that knock you. You just have to think “Ok, every no is closer to a yes. I may not be good for you but I might be perfect for somebody else”. Keep on going with it. Practice, practice, practice!

You can view Kiera’s work from her makeup academy’s Instagram account here


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