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Why I love makeup

Valentine’s Day…what better day than the day dedicated to love to write about my love for makeup and on having the opportunity to do a beautiful lady’s makeup on the day she tied the knot to her beloved.

The happy couple

Why do I love makeup so much? Simply because of its transformative power!

Makeup can hide imperfections and accentuate one’s best features, making it the ultimate confidence booster and feel good factor. Which is why although I was petrified when one of my closest friends asked me to do her bridal make up recently I was also honoured that she trusted me enough with this important task. It made me extremely happy to be able to help make this natural beauty feel even more gorgeous on her wedding day by doing for her something I absolutely love.

Worried I wasn’t up to the task I prepared by doing a couple of trials with the pretty bride-to-be ahead of the wedding. We first tried a grunge look but decided it was too harsh for a wedding so we opted for a very natural look with soft pink and lilac hues to accentuate her beautiful green eyes.

Armed with my best makeup products under the watchful eye of my sidekick in the bridal makeup process Maria, we wrote down the list of products and the order I used them so that I would be able to recreate the exact look without wasting precious time on the day.

Looking back on the photos of this joyous event I think I can proudly say I didn’t do too badly! But having such a beautiful model helped no doubt.

What isn’t there to love when using makeup can spread some joy 🙂

Important note: The bridal makeup photos are courtesy of the young and talented Eleni Papadopoulos

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