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Professional photoshoot – Part 1

The lovely Marie, one of the photoshoot models I had the pleasure of working with

Today I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for a corporate photoshoot and was very excited and anxious at the same time as this was my first ever professional gig as a makeup artist!

I was very honoured to be given this opportunity by HR Innovate, a recruitment agency currently working on their rebranding campaign. You can check their website here.

I did not want to disappoint so I spent a good amount of time thoroughly sanitizing all my brushes and makeup tools in advance and thinking ahead of how I would spread out all of my (many-many) potentially useful products on the day, so that I would be able to work in an organised and timely manner. I didn’t know who the models would be so I had to bring all my different shade foundations, powders and concealers to be prepared for any skin tone. So that’s a lot of products to start off with.

Before my imposter syndrome had a chance to kick in, I was very fortunate to work with professionals who treated me as an equal. I started working first on Marie, the female model, who has extensive photoshoot experience and she put little-old-stressed-out-me at ease straight away by telling me that she could tell that I love what I’m doing.

These are just photos I took during the shooting so watch this space for Part 2 and the professional photographer’s shots!

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