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Professional photoshoot – Part 2

In my previous blog post I briefly talked about my first ever makeup work for a professional photoshoot where I did the makeup for some models posing as job candidates for a corporate campaign. It was a lot of fun and a great boost for my confidence as a makeup artist. So I was really looking forward to the 2nd part a week later whereby the HR Innovate team would be photographed for their website’s rebranding.

I knew the drill from the week before: prep in advance by washing, thoroughly cleaning and drying all my brushes; and sanitizing my makeup palette and all the used makeup products that didn’t come with a pump.

I asked to have access to the premises where the photo shoot would take place half an hour early prior to the shoot in order to invade the upstairs floor and lay out all my makeup products so they could be within easy reach.

Having said that, my tools and products of the trade are so many I did almost forget certain important steps in the process such as using powder on the ladies to set their makeup. Thankfully I remembered at the last minute.

My models this time were the owners and employees of the recruitment agency and it was a real laugh doing their makeup and watching the shoot afterwards. They are so close they were very comfortable around each other, like family members. Their constant banter made for some naturally funny shots too.

The whole experience was very enjoyable and I felt in my element. I am grateful to this amazing bunch for offering me the opportunity to flex my makeup muscles!

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