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2nd year blogversary and a (make-up) surprise!

Today marks my blog’s anniversary. It’s been 2 years already since I first embarked on this make-up learning and blogging journey!

I haven’t always been consistent with my blog writing or practicing my make-up skills enough. A day job and life in general tends to get in the way of favourite past times like that. But I have every good intention of getting more blog-active and I feel that I have made good progress already this last blogging year, compared to last year.

Since last year, I had the opportunity to seriously practice my makeup skills on other people and document it for the blog, including not 1 but 2(!) professional photoshoots!!

So what better way to celebrate than by investing a bit on my make-up, as you do!

Last Thursday, after my morning swim, I remembered that I wanted to buy more foundation for myself and a new notepad to use for journaling my meditation thoughts. (Yes, swimming, meditating, yoga and pilates are now a part of my everyday life and I’m loving it! You see, after 21 years of working for others my body was telling me that I needed to take a break, relax and focus on my health. I finally found my own work life balance, concentrating on my love for makeup while nourishing my body and mind).

So, there I was, completely makeup free (and scared of bumping into acquaintances who would see me in all my face-naked, blemished glory) walking in The Mall of Cyprus with a plan of going to the Public store in search of a notepad worthy of my meditation journaling. Thankfully, as soon as I got up the escalators to the Ground Floor my eyes caught glimpse of the NYX corner counter inside Debenhams. That reminded me that I was in desperate need of a new foundation and wanted to find a cheaper but equally good option to Estee Lauder’s Double Wear.

I got chatting to the makeup shopgirl who somehow must have realized my passion for makeup and swiftly went on to tell me about the shop’s latest promotion: receiving a mini NYX makeup box with purchases of 70 or more Euro. “Easy” I thought to myself. Put me in a makeup store and I can browse and try new products forever, not to mention ending up buying loads of them as a result.

Surely enough I didn’t struggle much to reach the 70 Euro purchase mark and make sure this baby was mine!

Although I do own a big makeup box, a small one for individual use on myself or a single client is definitely handy.

And here are the day’s purchases, the ones that made the ownership of the NYX small makeup box a reality

Who doesn’t like (pleasant) surprises?  Do you have any makeup surprise stories you would like to share?

P.S. By the way, part of my purchases was the CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP NYX foundation which is a great buy at 1/3 of the Estee Lauder price. I already tried It on and highly recommend it for it’s good coverage. I have also started using my new notepad to journal my new meditation journey and I’m very-very pleased with my choice!

3 thoughts on “2nd year blogversary and a (make-up) surprise!

  1. Congratulations on blogversary, how fun is that. 2 years in blogging world is definitely a long time, I wish 3rd year to be best one so far. Oh day NYX gift is so nice, I mean yes you need to spend money, but getting something is always nice. Lovely post. xx

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