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Hello summer! June makeup buys

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Summer in Cyprus arrived early this year. From the beginning of May the temperature rose to the range of 40 degrees Celcius pretty quickly in my country. So 6 weeks later it feels that we are well into summer season.

With the change of season comes the urge to renew ourselves. Everyone changes their winter wardrobe for their summer clothes and it’s obvious that the weather has turned. Boots are replaced with open toe shoes and sandals. Long hair feels too hot unless it’s kept in ponytails or braids and inevitably people’s skins tan making makeup looks more inclined towards bronze and bright colours.

I am no exception and hope to fit back into some lovely summer clothes I bought a couple of summers ago and hardly wore the first time round. If I reach my goal soon I’ll be wearing some breezy summer dresses that will feel like they’re new. A win all around!

In this mode of renewal, I also splurged a little on (surprise, surprise) some beauty products. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t go crazy on the spending. I only bought a few items to get in the summer vibe.

Here’s what I bought:

  • L’OREAL Purple lights glitter eyeshadow – the colour is mesmerizing
  • GALENIC Aqua Porcelaine hydra-illuminating fluid – leaves a velvety texture on the face with an exquisite aroma and illumination
  • bacche di TUSCIA Body Dry Oil – an aromatic concoction made of various oils for the body that has a silky feeling and doesn’t feel oily
  • Hair band from JUMBO toy store
  • FOOTLOGIX Cracked Heel Formula – a highly recommended foam from a Canadian brand I bought from my nail salon to heal my dry heels. Apparently it takes 40 days of using it day and night to see results and I haven’t been very diligent with this routine so will have to see if this works for me
  • MAYBELLINE master ink in Metallic – a silvery-lilac eyeliner
  • INGLOT Makeup Brush Scrubber – still in it’s box as I haven’t used it yet but intend to try it the next time I have a video or photo shoot involving the makeup of more than 1 person at a time
  • GALENIC Purete Sublime mattifying fluid – this was a prize I won when I bought the other GALENIC fluid from my local pharmacy. It’s for oily skin types. Having normal to oily combination skin I think it’s perfect for summer when the heat makes my face oilier. It smells great too!
  • Pink Dolphin waterpistol from JUMBO toy store – I will explain this purchase in a sec!
  • INGLOT concealer and salmon/peach coloured eyeshadow along with a freedom system palette to store them in
  • L’OREAL true match La Touche Magique – an anti-fatigue illuminating concealer that promises to match the colour of your skin

Going back to the waterpistol…Well, unless you are a die-hard from vanity to sanity fan you would’t know that recently a beautiful cat adopted me. Yes, she chose me to be her carer and when she gave birth she brought me her sweet little nugget to protect him too. They are both adorable so I can’t resist sharing a few photos to show them off!

So, why did I buy a waterpistol? I resorted to that as a method to deter them both from scratching my furniture and it seems to be working.

So? What do you guys think of my June buys?

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