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Beauty preparations for my summer holiday

Call me weird but when I am preparing for a holiday I also plan my beauty regime just before my travel.

Having just arrived at a fairytale like oak house in Ano Korakiana, in less than 15 hours I’ll be sitting on a beautiful beach in the beautiful island of Corfu, overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea. Jealous much? You should be because Corfu combines luscious mountainous areas with beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue sea!

One of Corfu’s many amazing beaches

In anticipation of my summer vacay I embarked on a series of beauty activities last week. You see, my intention is to look my best with as little make up as possible while relaxing.

I started by having my eyebrows shaped and getting a deep facial at my beautician’s at the beginning of last week. I love it when a professional shapes my eyebrows as I can’t pluck the fine hairs myself. I find that a “clean” eyebrow shape without any fine stray hairs brightens the whole face up. It’s the arch of the eye that gives the face it’s glow so I think it’s extremely important to keep eyebrows sharp looking.

Once every so often, I also indulge in a professional facial to unclog my pores. In preparation for my trip I could not not get one now.

I then scheduled a gel manicure and a spa pedicure. I chose a sparkling turquoise colour for my nails, befitting the sea watercolour I will soon be enjoying. Neatly looking nails and smooth-skin feet always make me feel “polished”, giving me an instant boost.

My holiday manicured nails while waiting to board my flight in the Larnaca airport lounge

I also arranged an appointment at the hairdresser’s to touch up my roots as I didn’t want my many greys to make me feel self conscious.

Lastly, I had to decide what make up products to take with me. I wanted to travel as light as possible so this Estée Lauder travel sized makeup bag (a recent present from my aunt/godmother) came in very handy. I decided to take most of it’s contents with me except for the mascara and blusher which I substituted with my bronzer and Maybelline mascara I still have in use.

I will be most probably be writing more about my holiday and make up looks in blog posts to come but for now let me give you just a little taste of the unique little house we’re staying at for the first half of our holiday.

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