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What makeup and beauty products did I get for my birthday?

Last month I had my birthday but didn’t do any big celebration. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get to receive a few good presents :-). Some of these presents were make up and beauty products, of course!

For starters, I got some cash from close family that partly went to buying makeup and beauty products and partly went towards my holiday expenses. I ended up buying a few of my everyday beauty regime necessities with the cash gift money I set aside for the purpose of buying beauty products. Such necessities included my daily face lotion, a dry shampoo hairspray and my daily face scrub:

I needed to replenish a few favourite make up products too so I went to the Kryolan representative to get a new packet of it’s Banana coloured loose powder. It’s the best setting face powder for my skin type and undertone so although the one I owned was a big container I have gone through it rather quickly and needed to make sure I replace it before it’s completely gone. I used, of course, my MUA discount when buying these products. That’s one of the perks of having a MUA certificate!

Another favourite makeup staple that I ran out of and needed replacing was my BareMinerals Makeup Pro Foundation in Cool Beige 10. BareMinerals are not being sold in Cyprus nor have I found a way to purchase their products online and get this brand shipped over. I first bought this foundation from Manchester airport on my way back from visiting my husband’s family last year and it soon became my favourite alternative to Estée Lauder’s Double Wear. When I realized I was running out I had to find a locally sourced alternative. My search led me to buying the NYX CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP Warm Vanilla recently. Though an ok everyday option, the NYX foundation “pales” in comparison (pun intended) to the BareMinerals one.

So I was ecstatic when my friend Ellina visiting from the UK offered to buy it for me as a birthday present. It gives full coverage and the colour matches my skin tone perfectly.

Then my sister bought me a few good makeup products, some of which were a complete surprise! She just came back from a summer vacation/shopping spree to the UK and had the opportunity to find products not found in little old Cyprus. While in the UK she ordered for me and her a set of make up brushes from the famous British MUA Wayne Goss’ product line. So exciting!!

The packaging itself was really cute and the makeup box and the brushes themselves are quite compact. This makes it perfect for carrying around for everyday use and for when travelling !!

I have already used most of the brushes and love them, especially the foundation brush. It’s shape is perfect for flawless blending using minimal product so it’s very efficient too!

The other birthday makeup products my sister brought me were a RIMMEL lipstick and matte bronzer that came in a cool RIMMEL makeup bag and a NYX corrector palette.

I have tried them all and can attest that all 3 makeup products are absolutely amazing!! The bronzer and corrector palette have become part of my everyday makeup routine. The shade of the lipstick (a glossy shade of light brown/pink) is wonderful for daytime use. So, I couldn’t be happier with these new “finds”!

I’m really happy with my birthday makeup stash and can’t wait to show off some of my makeup looks using these products and the brushes on a future blog post!

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