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What I did on my Corfu holiday

A month ago I went on a summer holiday to Corfu for a second consecutive time with my husband (my 3rd time in total). We love this beautiful Greek island in the Ioanian sea. What’s not to love! Beautiful architecture, scenery and luscious green mountains meet the crystal clear turquoise-blue sea waters.

We stayed in some amazing accommodation found on Airbnb. We spent the first 5 nights in the most serene setting: an Oak House in the mountains and the last 4 nights by the seaside. It was a wonderful change of scenery and it was lovely to unwind and relax in nature.

Here’s a few photos of the many I took that show how idyllic this island really is:

Instead of boasting about my holiday though, what I really wanted to share is the makeup looks I was able to create while on holiday. As previously mentioned in my post beauty-preparations-for-my-summer-holiday/ I travelled lightly and most days I didn’t wear make up as we would spend our time on the beach or exploring the island. I did, however, take along this compact Estee Lauder makeup bag which proved very handy:

Along with my foundation and bronzer these were the only other products I took on my trip. The brown eyeshadow palette gave me some natural looking results in cut-crease and smokey eye look, but I particularly liked the lipstick shades which were subtIe in colour. They were also good for mixing together to get even more colour options.

Here’s the makeup looks I was able to create with these products:

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